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It’s a Wrap! Ghanaian Literature Week


Today marks the end of the 2nd Annual Ghanaian Literature Week.  And what a week it’s been.  And what fun we’ve had.  It was definitely an improvement on last year’s event.  The highlights for me were:

  1. The level of participation both in terms of blog posts and the level of interest on Twitter.
  2. Undoubtedly, Nii Ayikwei Parkes was the writer of the week.  The twitter chat was a lot of fun. Well, I’m sold on social media! The chat has ignited an interest in his work and we here in Ghana are anxious to see and hear him speak about his writing. There will be a post on the chat tomorrow.

I thank all my participants. I would like to acknowledge the support of my community of book bloggers.  You know who you are :).  This event would not have worked without your posts, your comments, your presence at the tweetchat, your retweets and your encouragement. Book bloggers are a passionate lot and I’m glad to be a part of this global community.

Here are the posts that were submitted as part of the week’s events:

My sincere thanks to the participants! Check back this coming week for your prizes.

I will continue to use the Twitter hashtag #GhanaLit for book-related Ghanaian issues.  I’m hoping to host another Twitter chat in the coming months.

Let’s keep reading Ghanaian, African and world literature.  Let’s just keep reading!

A big thanks to all the readers.  Please subscribe (by email) to Kinna Reads if you like what I”m doing here .

Until next year everyone.  Thank You.

Author: Kinna

I'm a bibliophile who reads and reviews international, contemporary and classic literary fiction. I'm partial to the works of African women writers.

34 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap! Ghanaian Literature Week

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  5. Delighted to discover in today’s mail my copy of Ordained by the Oracle, which Stu from Winston’s Dad reviewed for Ghanian Literature Week. I found it second-hand at BetterWorldBooks, and I’m going to save it for next year’s Ghanian Book Week. That’s being well-prepared, eh?
    WHile I’m here I’d like to wish you all the best for the festive season, Kinna. I always enjoy visiting here and you have enriched my reading choices with some great reviews. Thanks so much for another great year and I look forward to seeing new posts about Africa’s great literature in 2012. Lisa *virtual hug*


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  7. Thanks so much for the encouragement to add new writers and books to my reading plans; I really enjoyed following the posts of other participants and do hope you’ll be doing this next year. But I’m sure, too, that hosting was very tiring: you did such a great job though! (I didn’t know there were prizes: please leave me aside in that regard.)


    • Hosting was tiring! But folks were so enthusiastic that the whole week was such fun! I have to be better organized next time, I think :). Thanks for your participation.


  8. Found a couple more blogs here that I will be adding to my blogroll soon. And it was a worhwhile celebration of Ghanaian literature. Thanks for hosting, Kinna. Next year cannot be too far away. I’m glad I participated.


  9. thanks for hosting Kinna ,loved discovering new writers to me many thanks stu


    • My pleasure, Stu. It was really wonderful reading your review of Oracle of the Ordained. We tend to overlook the old stuff with so much more contemporary book around.


  10. Great week, Kinna, well done!


  11. Thanks so much for hosting! I’m already excited for next year!


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  13. Thank you again so much for hosting Kinna, another huge success I think! I can’t wait to see what next year brings and am already scheming about what books to read :)


    • Can we all wait till November? Seems far off into the future. But it will be here before we know it. Kinda scary how fast time is moving. Your participation as always is greatly appreciated, Amy.


  14. I enjoyed reading the posts from this week. I really didn’t have any knowledge of Ghanaian literature beforehand, but I’ve added a book or two to my list!


  15. I couldn’t participate this time, but I wanted to say that I really enjoyed these posts. And after reading three stellar reviews for African Love Stories, I *must* get hold of it or perish trying!


  16. You did a great job – organizing the event, publicizing it, reminding everyone, getting Nii Ayikwei Parkes to do the Twitter chat – all made it really worth while. Thanks to you for all the work you put into making it all happen!


  17. It was fun Kinna, especially the twitter chat with NAP.


  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the chat on twitter & following the lit week on here, so hopefully next time I’ll have more time & can take a more active role.
    Thanks for hosting,


  19. I read Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey this week and enjoyed it immensely. It was the only Ghanaian writing I could get hold of quickly when I saw you were doing a Ghanaian lit week. I’m not up to reviewing it as I’m laid up with gout right now, although I certainly recommend it as better than average as crime/mysteries go. I’ll have something on hand in time for your next Ghanaian literature week. I am getting Tail of the Blue Bird from the library soon, so am on my way to reading more Ghanaian writing. Hope to join you next time.


    • Sorry to hear about the gout. Do take it easy and I’m wishing for a speedy recovery for you. I’ve been meaning to but have not yet read Kwei Quartey’s books. Thanks for the recommendation and for your participation in Ghana Lit Week. I hope you will join us next year.


  20. This was a great event-I hope to be back next year and I hope you will be able to join me for Irish Short Story Week in March and Indonesian Short Story Week in March-I learned a lot from this event-to me it shows how great the book blog community is and how diverse.


    • I will participate in the Irish Short Story Week as well as the Indonesian Short Story Week. I’m going to work very hard and find some Indonesian short fiction on the web. Looking forward to March. Thank you for your participation in Ghana Lit Week.


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