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Link Gems


(Link Gems is a round-up of interesting articles and essays from around the web).

This is my first list of 2012.  It’s more like a dump of links that I’ve been hoarding.  Still, there are a number of interesting articles here.

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Author: Kinna

I'm a bibliophile who reads and reviews international, contemporary and classic literary fiction. I'm partial to the works of African women writers.

5 thoughts on “Link Gems

  1. Thanks Kinna for these links. I open those that interest me and read them one story at a time for weeks. It helps.


  2. The title makes it seem as if it is Okri who claims the editor had re-worked his dialogue rather than the editor claiming he did and Okri challenging him.

    Seen Maugham on your lined up list, reading his Theatre currently.


  3. Thanks for the links, Kinna. I’m going to read the Vagabond King. I read You Lazy Intellectual African Scum, a ratehr thought provoking article, though I didn’t agree with all the points raised. BTW, don’t forget my blog.


  4. great selection Kinna ,all the best stu


  5. I’m going to start going through these- looks like some great content. the ben okri link particularly intrigues me!


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