Short Stories and A Challenge

I love reading short stories. Shorts tell the story briefly and the best ones can pack a punch as much as any novel. My love of short stories dates back to my childhood. I grew up a feminist household. My mother subscribed to the Ms. Magazine of the 1970s. I used to look forward, rather anxiously, to each month’s magazine even more so than my mother, I think. Back then, Ms. published “Stories for Free Children” in the middle section of the magazine. These stories were delightful and really excited my imagination. Of course, the writers did their best to subtly push a feminist viewpoint in the stories! I remember a story of a non-gendered child called X.  In putting stories for children into the magazine, the publishers of Ms. ensured that the reading of the magazine was truly a family affair.

100 ‘Shots of Short’ Reading Challenge

I’m signing up to Rob’s challenge. The list of short stories I’ve read will be posted on my Challenge page. I will review short stories on Mondays.


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