Around the World in 8 Months: Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge

A reading challenge that takes you around the world; of course I have to sign up. Basically, to participate in the Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge, you must read eight books from eight different countries in eight months. A detailed description of the challenge can be found on the hosting site.

I will start my trip in Spain, in Catalonia, with Time of the Doves by Merce Rodoreda then on to Poland, where I will read House of Day, House of Night by Olga Tokarczuk. I will stop over in England with Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel before leaving for Asia. Japan will be my first stop in Asia, and I will stay quite a while, with The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi and The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. From Japan to the Philippines where I will encounter Dusk by F. Sionil Jose, it’s been in my TBR for a while now. It will be a short trip from the Philippines to New Zealand where the short story collections of Katherine Mansfield and Patricia Grace await. It will be a rather long trip to the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. But I’m sure that Solibo Magnificent by Patrick Chamoiseau and The Drifting of Spirits by Giselle Pineau will be good company.

That is my itinerary for now. I’m hoping for an invitation from either France or China. And I’ll probably stopover in Latin America before my world excursion is over. Now where did I put that leather bookcase of mine? I need to pack…



  1. This sounds like an interesting challenge. I dont have all 8 picked out but
    I am reading something from an Ethiopian writer. I wll start there and see how it goes


    • Cheryl: Do tell, what Ethiopian book are you reading? I’m very excited about the challenge. Of course, it’s right up my alley – world literature. I just enjoy choosing books from around the world to read. Will be keeping an eye on what you read.


  2. I am impressed that you have all your books already picked out!I too will be joining this challenge, and I have sooo many unread books on my shelves that qualify but I am not sure I want to advertise them all as there is a chance they will continue to languish!


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