Back Online…

I woke up Monday morning to find that my internet service was completely kaput, gone… Yes, I’ve been offline for three and a half days! It’s been pure torture.  There have been times that I’ve contemplated willingly unplugging my router and disconnecting myself from the web, because “I’m too attached, the net is ruling my life, it’s ruining my ability to concentrate and think, yada yada yada… Never, you hear me ,never.  Not when Ghana Telecom/Vodaphone/Whatever can just wreck my service because they “were migrating to a new platform”.  Seriously, the company’s reps make networking sound like inventing the printing press or something.

Anyway, I will now start posting reviews and will be catching up other blogging stuff, espeically on the events for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  Well, here’s hoping that the connection holds 🙂



  1. Oh, I hate when the internet goes out!!! There is such a sense of panic that settles in when the internet goes down. I’m glad you’re back on. 🙂


    • What gets me is getting cut off at the beginning of my first BBAW. But hey, that’s life in Ghana. I do hope it stays up too. And I should probably do a better job scheduling posts 🙂


  2. Oh no! That is a long time without internet! Especially if it happens without a warning, I would be devastated. If I knew in advance that there wouldn’t be internet next week, I think I could just about live with it. But otherwise… no.

    And then it’s BBAW week as well. Oh I do feel very sorry for you. In your guest post on my blog, you mention how good and consistent the broadband connection is. Hmm…

    Anyway, good to have you back. Let’s hope it’s all solved now.


    • The services has been consistent. But the company is really lacking in public and consumer relations. They could have prepared their uers for the possibility of disruptions but no. And trying to get them on the phone, well that just takes forever… Glad to be back


  3. Having recently gone without internet for a week, I know what it must’ve been like for you. Glad everything’s back up and running!


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