Flashback: Winding-up The Empire

The picture below is from my mother’s archives.  When Ghana freed itself from British Colonial rule in 1957, Lord Listowel was sent to wind-up the colonial administration. A parade was held in his honor to welcome  to the former Queen’s colony.  My mother and her schoolmates from Wesley Girls High School are in the front row.  I love this picture: how preened Lord Listowel is, the looks on the faces of my mother and her friends, even the member of the West African Constabulary standing at attention in the far right of the picture.

Talking about colonial rule; I’ve been meaning to pick up Chinua Achebe’s new book The Education of a British-Protected Child, a collection of autobiographical essays.



  1. Wow a like this picture my daughter had to read “Things Fall apart” I will be looking
    foward to the new book.. I forgot to mention I found your blog on the
    crazy for books blog tour list


    • Oh, loving Achebe is not a “bias”, it is completely understandable and accepted! The picture is really great. I’ve decided to go looking for more pictures of Africa’s bygone eras. Thanks for the visit.


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