Away from home base

Work has been really hectic since the end of the Read-a-thon. I’m also away from my home base, traveling within Ghana. Internet connection is quite sporadic and unreliable where I am. So for this week, there will be no new post here at Kinna Reads. I should, of course, have planned ahead and written stuff to post while I’m away. But that’s not how the disorganized me operates :). I will be back on Monday. Have a good week and an even greater weekend.



  1. Thanks to everyone for wishing me a great trip. I’m back home and more importantly I’m back to regular and stable internet connection:)


  2. Hello Kinna! When you get back from your trip I hope you will bask in the glory: I am giving you the Beautiful Blogger and Honest Scrap awards. Just past the awards, a list of ten things about you, then choose 10 blogs to pass the awards on to!


  3. I hope you have a good time travelling in Ghana (even if it is work related, which I’m not sure it is?). I’ll be happy to be reading your updated next week!


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