Oh I should get that, or Additions to my Wishlist #3

Over the past couple of weeks, fellow bloggers have tempted me with the following books:

  • Besides the Sea by Véronique Olmi – This book about a single mother and her children left Savidge Reads “stunned and slightly shaken”.  What more can one ask from a writer?  Check out his review here. It is translated from the French by Adriana Hunter.
  • Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk – Amy Reads’ review piqued my interest. It is about a man who washes up on the Spanish shore claiming to be Columbus.
  • The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno –  A portrayal of an American family.  It is highly recommended by Farm Lane Books.
  • Piano by Jean Echenoz –  Winstonsdad’s blog called it strange, briliantly surreal and quirky.It is translated from the French by Mark Polizzotti.
  • The Halfway House by Guillermo Rosales – A story about a writer.  The Boston Bibliophile called it heartbreaking, challenging and disturbing.  Right up my alley!

Have you read any of these books? Do any of these books sound interesting to you?



  1. Not only have I not read them, I really haven’t heard of them (except for Olmi). So many books out there that it’s hard to keep track of them all.


  2. I’ve added Waiting for Columbus to my wishlist after reading Amy’s review. I seem to have missed farmlanebooks’ post, but that book looks interesting as well. I’m also interested in The Halfway House.


  3. thanks for putting piano on list ,i want read halfwat house at some point ,got some great write ups ,warmest stu


  4. Heh, they all sound interesting, but how can I not recommend the one I already did?! Seriously though, I want to read all of the other ones too 🙂


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