Reading the Romantics: William Blake, schedule

Roof Beam Reader has released this outline for our reading of William Blake’s poetry:

Week One: Selections from Songs of Innocence
October 1st-3rd: “The Shepherd” and “The Echoing Green”
Monday 4th: “The Little Boy Lost”
Tuesday 5th:  “The Little Boy Found”
Wednesday 6th:  “Night”
Thursday 7th:”Spring”
Fri 8th-Sun 10th: Read: “A Dream” and “On Another’s” Sorrow”

Week Two: Selections from Songs of Experience
Monday 11th: “Earth’s Answer”
Tuesday 12th: “The Chimney Sweeper”
Wednesday 13th: “The Human Abstract”
Thursday 14th: “The Voice of the Ancient Bard”
Fri 15th-17th: “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”

All of his poems can be found online for free either at Project Gutenberg or   I like to use Poemhunter.  There is also a wonderful hpermedia archive of his works at The William Blake Archive .  We will discuss each week’s reading at the end of the week. I will choose my favorite poem(s) to feature on Wednesday.

I’ve been reading up on Blake’s life.  He was well-educated and enjoyed a lasting and loving marriage.  He was considered a bit mad and idiosyncratic by his peers. And he was rebel to his dying days. One fact about him that I did not know – Blake was also a painter, a printmaker and was considered on of the greatest engravers.  Below is his painting: Prometheus Bound.



  1. I had no idea that Blake was a painter or anything besides a poet. Maybe I’ll try a few of his poems this week… definitely wouldn’t be able to join the challenge though – I’m terrible at following reading schedules!


  2. The more I read about this, the more it makes me want to join in. Is it too late to do so? I mean, what is one poem a day? I could do that, right? And I would so love to know more about this kind of poetry.


    • Iris, it is not too late to join. And I think you can reading as many or as little of the list as you want. Strongly urge you to join in.


  3. I really like a lot of Blake’s work. I have a beautiful edition (Norton Critical) of Blake’s poetry and designs, so I’m going to go read some of it now! So fun that you’re reading Blake this week, I really enjoy him and his stories. Quite the eccentric.


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