Away from here, but at the Ghana Book Fair

I haven’t been around much. That is here at Kinna Reads.  Work  has overtaken pretty much everything.  The 9th Ghana International Book Fair is on this week, from November 2 to November 6th.  I am organizing a two-day mini literary fest at the Fair.  The theme of the event is “Women, Writing and the African Society“.  Amma Darko, the author of Beyond the Horizon, will deliver the keynote speech.  There will be discussions on the new crop of African women writers and an exploration of the works of more established women writers.  It sounds fun and it will be.  I’m just running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  So, this is just a long way of saying that I will be away from Kinna Reads until November 8th.  I might, time permitting, blog about the Book Fair and my event.

I had planned on featuring works by Ghanaian authors this coming week.  But that project has been swallowed up as well.  I’ve rescheduled my Ghana Week  for November 15th  to 21st.

Enjoy your reading and see you on the other side of the week :).



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