What’s in a Name 4 Challenge

Last year, I participated in  four reading challenges.  Though I managed to complete three out of four, this year I’ve decided to join at most two challenges.  I really enjoyed the What’s in a Name 3 challenge.  Participants were required to match the title of books read to the following categories: food, body of water, place name, plant, title and musical term. It was loads of fun and quite the challenge. I connived and schemed to fit the titles of books read to a particular category :).  So I can’t resist signing up this year.

For this year’s What’s in a Name challenge, participants are to read one book each from the following categories:

  • A number in the title
  • Jewelry or a gem in the title
  • Size in the title
  • Travel or movement in the title
  • A form of evil in the title
  • A  life stage in the title

Another interesting list of categories.  My thanks to Beth Fish for hosting the challenge.



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