An Intermission…

I’m taking a break from blogging for two weeks.  I have a lot going on, most especially a huge event to plan and get through.  I’m already stressed out and too tired in the evenings to think about putting a post together.  I will still read and comment on posts by other book bloggers.

I am excited about the books that I’ve selected to read.  A most delightful quartet of  novels by women writers that comprises:

  • Not Without Flowers by the Ghanaian writer Amma Darko
  • The House in Paris by the Anglo-Irish novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Bowen
  • The Memory of Love by the Sierra Leonean writer Aminatta Forna.  The book is a 2011 Orange Prize Finalist.  It won the Best Book for Africa Region of the 2011 Commonwealth Writers Prize.  A big thank you to a special uncle who bought this for me.
  • Cousins by the New Zealander and Maori writer Patricia Grace.

I will be back to blogging around May 20th.  Enjoy your reading and have a good two weeks.



  1. If everything I’ve heard about The Memory of Love is true, you’ll be back soon to write about how much you loved it! Enjoy the blogging break in the meantime, and hope you don’t stay stressed for too long!


    • So true. I love the book and will post a review of it soon. I want to put it up before the announce of the winner on June 8th. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂


  2. Enjoy your time away from blogging and all the best with your busy schedule. All four of those books sound fantastic and I’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them – I do hope that you share when you return 🙂


    • I’m back and I can’t wait to post review of the books. Sadly, I have a really huge backlog of review to get through.


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