24hr Read-A-Thon: The Progress Post

Update #7: Hour 24 at the Finishing Line,  11 a.m. GMT

Pages Read: 447
Books Read: 3 (The Beggars’ Strike, We Never Make Mistakes, The Chase)

Total Reading Time: 17 hrs

Current Book:  I finished reading The Chase.

Snack:  Tea with toast for breakfast

Other:  Well, the read-a-thon is over. I managed to finish 3 books.  It’s been a lot of fun.  My reading slump is over :).


Update #6: Hour 19,  6 a.m GMT

Pages Read: 326
Books Read: 2 (The Beggars’ Strike, We Never Make Mistakes)

Total Reading Time: 13 hrs

Current Book:  I’m still reading The Chase.

Snack:  None

Other:  Half an hour after update 5, I fell asleep! I just could not resist sleep any longer.  I’m up after dozing for 3 hours and will continue to read and cheer till the read-a-thon ends.


Update #5: Hour 14,  2 a.m GMT

Pages Read: 313
Books Read: 2 (The Beggars’ Strike, We Never Make Mistakes)

Total Reading Time: 12 hrs

Current Book:  I finished the second story in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s We Never Make Mistakes.  The two stories are connected by the railways.  Apart from that, they are completely different.  I enjoyed the book.  I’m sticking with novellas.  This time, I’ve selected The Chase (1956) by the Cuban novelist Alejo Carpentier.  He is among the early founders of magical realism.  His more famous work, The Kingdom of this World, is a stunning portrayal of  Haiti during its colonial period.

Snack:  Sticking with tea and water.  I fear that any solid food will send me straight to bed!

Other: I’ve completed my first round of cheerleading.  I’m going to try and stay up till at least Hour 18.


Update #4: Hour 11,  11 pm. GMT

Pages Read: 262
Books Read: 1 (The Beggars’ Strike)

Total Reading Time: 10 hrs

Current Book:  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s We Never Make Mistakes is a collection of two novellas.  I’ve finished reading the first one, which is set in a World War II rail junction in Russia. A very well-written story.

Snack:  I had dinner at my mother’s earlier in the evening.  I took a couple of teabags of Mango-flavored pure Ceylon tea.  The tea is strong and fruity!

Other: After the dinner break of two hours, I came back to my house to read.  I was feeling a bit drowsy but have since perked up after the cuppa tea.  I’m off to give some cheer for an hour.  Also, I posted the second poem.  This one is written by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Update #3: Hour 7,  6 pm. GMT

Pages Read: 175
Books Read: 1 (The Beggars’ Strike)

Total Reading Time: 7hrs

Current Book:  I’m abandoning love in the kingdom of oil after reading 75 pages out of 137.  The surrealism is proving too much for me this early Saturday evening.  My next selection is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s We Never Make Mistakes: Two Short Novels.

Snack:  Had another cup of tea.  I’m going over to my mother’s for dinner.

Other:  I posted a poem by Emily Dickinson for readers.  See below.


Update #2: Hour 4,  3 pm. GMT

Pages Read: 101
Books Read: 1 (The Beggars’ Strike)

Total Reading Time: 4hrs

Current Book:  I’ve selected love in the kingdom of oil by Nawal el Saadawi as my next book.

Snack:  Ate cream crackers, drank a bottle of soda, water.

Other:  I really enjoyed The Beggars’ Strike so hoping my reading luck continues.


Update #1: The Starting Line, 11 a.m. GMT

Pages Read: 0
Books Read: 0

Total Reading Time: 0

Starting Book:  I’m starting this read-a-thon with The Beggar’s Strike by Senegalese writer Aminata Sow Fall.  It’s a novella of 99 pages.   I first read the book in my teens  and loved it. I attempted a rereading last month but had to put it aside not because I was not enjoying it; I think I got distracted.

Snack:  I’ve had my breakfast of toast and tea.  I’m having a second cup of tea now.  I really like strong breakfast teas.

Other:  I’ve selected a number of poems to accompany us through this read-a-thon.  The theme, of course, is books and reading.  Drop by, if you are reading for the read-a-thon or if you are not, for a well-deserved poetry break!




  1. Thanks to everyone for encouraging me. I urge all who can to participate in the 24 read-a-thon at least once. It’s a lot of fun.


  2. Congratulations, Kinna. You were impressive. I missed it this Ocotober probably because I missed reading it on the site. I will certainly participate in April 2012. I hope to take my annual leave then.

    Yes, Beggars Strike is lovely and humorous, tells a story though. I read it for my Englsih major at the University. .


  3. I’m impressed that you only slept for a little more than three hours: such stamina! I’m sure the tea helped, but the true secret is in the brute bookishness! Congrats on your finish!


  4. Congratulations on completing the readathon! You read some really fun and interesting sounding book, sorry to hear the Saadawi wasn’t the right one for you though.


  5. May I offer a poem to cheer you?
    Books are awesome
    Books are great
    Congratulations on reading so much
    You’re first rate!
    (borrowed from Softdrink) APPLAUSE for all you accomplished this readathon.


  6. Yay! You’ve been doing so well! (I will be taking my own little nap after I head around to a couple of more blogs – hopefully THIS time I will wake up when the alarm clock goes off and not sleep past the rest of the read-a-thon)

    Rah! Rah! Shish! Boom! Bah! Reading books will take you far!


  7. Hope the reading is still going strong, Kinna. I think you’re roughly in my time zone. It’s 10pm here now and I’m a little tired but still happily reading.

    Have fun!


  8. Decided to take a break from my usual lurking to cheer on all my favorite bloggers during the Read-a-Thon. So, enjoy! And thanks for the mini-posts!


    • I’m surprised you did not hear about this earlier. Anyway, the next one will be April 2012. I have a pile of stuff to review as well. Thanks for the support.


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