Online Magazines: November 2011 Issues

This is a new monthly feature.  I intend to list and provide links to monthly issues of  online magazine.    Most of these issues publish short fiction for free.  Please let me know, in the comments section or by email, if there is a magazine you think I should include in the listing.  Also, I will update the post throughout the month with new issues that I find on the internet.

For this month:

This month we present literature from the Caribbean. Writers from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Martinique, and Puerto Rico contribute compelling portraits of their countries and societies. From sober reports on natural disasters and political oppression to antic depictions of sexuality run amok, the pieces collected here testify to the range and vitality of this region’s writers

There is also a poem by Tomas Tranströmer, the 2011 Nobel Winner, and the fiction by three Israeli writers.



    • I can’t fit them all in. I like to have the list so that I can read the ones that I’m able to. I using it to a reminder of what I need to read.


    • Thanks, Parrish. I actually know of Belletrista but forgot to add them. And they write about women writers. I’m slipping :). BTW, I edited your comment and removed the link to Belletrista.


  1. Great feature Kinna. I’ve been toying with a post or two on online mags and/or literary mags in general but just haven’t decided on a hook other than that it will be one (not a series) of my Monday Musings posts. Meanwhile, though, I’ll keep an eye on your series.


    • I often lose track to which magazine I meant to read when. This series will keep them all in one post and serve as a reminder to read their articles when I have the time. All the best.


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