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(Link Gems is a supposed-to-be weekly round-up of interesting articles and essays from around the web)

First, and because I’m wary of all the activities that publishers are insisting writers undertake to market their own books:

Part of the reason is simply this: if you’re friends with 500 writers and authors, you can’t buy all their books. Because you couldn’t afford to pay rent.

Two on  Liberia and its recent elections:

Recently, at the ceremony for the conferment of Nigeria’s highest national honours, a shortage of medals for the awardees seemed a most awkward conclusion to an event that had been trailed by controversy. No matter how the event played out in the end, it was clear that the episode would escalate the scathing commentaries about the competence of Nigeria’s new government led by Goodluck Jonathan.

Sports (BTW, 2012 African Cup of Nations is coming !)

Either way, by the time the story had been digested by the international soccer public — meaning about 30 seconds after it first landed on Twitter — Balotelli was gone. He hadn’t died or skipped town, nothing as dramatic as that. Instead, Mario Balotelli, troubled but talented young striker for Manchester City, had been replaced by MARIO BALOTELLI!!, lurid media construct and certified sports lunatic. There’s not really a word for this role, but it’s a familiar part of modern sports culture. Somewhere on earth there is a human being named Mike Tyson, but the dude who wrestles forests and eats hood ornaments, the guy you and I click on whenever his name floats up out of the mists, has long since become MIKE TYSON!! And that was the transfiguration Balotelli underwent the moment the fire trucks rolled up.

  • The Murder of Tayshana Murphy  – Sadly, it’s been a year of losing talented young athletes.  This time, it is a talented basketball player from NYC. (from Grantland).


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