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I have been reading Anna Clark’s blog Isak since I discovered it year ago.  Anna is a writer from Detroit.  Her blog “celebrates tales and truth” and is a treasure trove of  her writing, reviews, social and cultural commentary.  Do check her it out, you will not be disappointed.

Anna has released the third edition of  Choose Books: A Gift Guide for People Who Care About Stories.  Anna has this to say about the guide:

1. This one goes to eleven: The new edition is bulked up by a full eleven pages, for a total of 69 pages of bookish joy!

2. Hundreds of thoughtful and original book recommendations, including those featured in expansive profiles and those recommended for particular groups of readers — like, say, sports fans, spiritual seekers, people going through hard times, children, wanderers, knitters, politicos, and wannabe cooks.

3. A brand-new section on the best books to pair with their cinematic counterparts; that is, books that should be given along with their film adaptations (which you should totally watch together, of course).

4. An updated rendering of the Top Ten Magazine Gift Subscriptions ((including several debuts).

5. An expanded section on the best literary organizations to offer your gift donations – a meaningful gift on your own behalf or in someone else’s name when giving donations are for many of us are a luxury.

The guide is completely free.  It’s so much fun to read.  I’m tempted to buy some of the recommendations for myself.  So download and consult the guide if you are wondering what books to buy as gifts or if you want to treat yourself to several new reads.

A big thank you to Anna Clark

Download the Choose Books Here



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