Happy Holidays to all my readers!

In Ghana, in my language (Fanti), we begin any season’s greeting with Afenhyiapa, which roughly translates as “may the year end well”.  It proceeds with “may the year go and meets us again”.  And then ends with a wish about one’s state after the 12 months.  Like ” this time next year, may we all be healthy, living in grace and reading as many books as our hearts desire”, which is my wish for all of us.

Enjoy your family and friends.  And do read a book when you find a quiet moment or two.



  1. Afenyiapa to you Kinna, May the new year bring you joy and may all your heart’s desires be met. God bless you and the family.


  2. Happy holidays Kinna and all the best to you and your family. May the year end well, may the year go and meet us again, and this time next year may we all be warm and safe with our friends and family, and having had the time to read many more fantastic books!


    • I’m going to get the spelling for you. My mom does this all the time – learning new greetings and thanks in other languages. I think people think she speaks more languages.


      • I love to do this too. Though I came a cropper once: one year I thought it would be nice to greet all the parents who came for parent-teacher interviews in their own languages. It was a good thing I was practising one day in the staff room when a Chinese-speaking Vietnamese teacher-aide was there: apparently the way I (mis)pronounced it, I’d said a very rude word indeed! It put me off tonal languages a bit LOL…


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