Blogcamp 2013, the Fever!

Bloggers and social media enthusiasts in Ghana are caught up in the fever that’s BlogCamp 2013.   The day-long event is organized by BloggingGhana. It is the second edition of this wonderful annual event.  This year’s theme is ‘Content is King’.  Bloggers in Ghana are not generating enough local content in Ghana even though we are active on a number of social media platforms.  Edward Amartey-Tagoe, an organizer of BlogCamp observed that  “there is a shift towards the use of these tools more for communication than for the provision of content online”.

To remedy this, we will spend a day learning, discussing and encouraging each other to write more quality and informative pieces about Ghana.  We need/want/must tell our own stories.

What does this mean for Kinna Reads?  I realize that I must write more about Ghana.  No, the focus on this blog will not change.  I will, however, cover the reading, literacy and education scene in Ghana.  And those of you who follow me on Twitter will not be surprised to encounter a peppering of politically-minded posts!

@nii_ayertey says” BlogCamp Ghana 2013 is a pilgrimage for bloggers”.  And that’s where I”ll journey, today on March 23rd.  It takes place at the Kofi Annan ICT Centre from 9am – 7pm.

BlogCamp small