Boakyewaa Glover launches The Justice

I woke yesterday at three am to read, proceeded to finish a book and then attended a book launch in the afternoon.  It was a perfect day to end an otherwise miserable month!

The JusticeThe Justice is a political thriller.  From the back of the book:

“ For his entire life, former Chief Justice Joseph Annan has had his eyes on his country’s top prize:  the presidency of Ghana.  And this time, he will stop at nothing to ensure the title is his alone.  But can he stop his world from falling apart in he process?  The Justice is a searing political thriller that follows a career politician in his last gasp for the highest honor, as friends, foes and family are embroiled in his relentless play for power.”

August 29th marked the end of an eight-month Election Petition case which challenged the results of our 2012 Presidential Elections.  The petition held our collective attention – the Supreme Court judges, counsels for both petitioners and respondents, contempt rulings and so on – fascinated and annoyed us in equal measure.  The Justice is timely indeed!


This is Boakyewaa Glover’s third book.  Her other novels are Circles (Romance, 2009) and Tendai (Science Fiction, 2013).  During the Q&A, Boakyewaa said she likes to try different genres and wouldn’t want to pigeon-hole her craft.  She works full-time for a company in Accra yet she maintains a focus on her writing, saying writing is her true passion.

This new novel is a very “now” book. Fiction that describe our current realities as Ghanaians are in short supply.  Dr Esi Ansah, reviewing the book at the launch, said The Justice excellently portrays  ‘the system’  in Ghana and how this broken system rules everything. The ‘system’ is a term Ghanaians use to describe our political, socio-economic and cultural environment. Ansah loved the book, adding:

“…The Justice crosses boundaries, presenting its readers with a realistic, three-dimensional tale of power, love, sex, politics, money and deception.”

I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing The Justice. I’ll also do a giveaway of the book so stay tuned!



  1. Lovely peek into the novel. I’ve been meaning to get a copy of circles to read for a long time now but kept pushing it off as I have not been book buying these days. Only bought a few for my eldest boy recently. From your writing The Justice promises to be a super thriller; it has all the ingredients that making a fascinating and rich reading. I will wait for your review and book give away, who knows, I might win.

    For starters I am going to get a copy of Circles to get a feel of what makes Boakyewaa tick. I do love romance too!


  2. Kinna, thanks so much for coming to the launch! I really appreciate it. @CE Hastings, I know I’m biased but you should definitely get the book. @Accrabooksandthings, there are copies available at Sytris beginning Monday. That’s the best place to get it right now since Silverbird is changing management. And I haven’t had time to distribute it anywhere else. Best bet is definitely Sytris.


  3. I was pretty sad I missed this launch, the second event of the week, due to transportation matters! I will certainly try to get a copy.


  4. This sounds like a great read, will be watching this space for the full review (and the giveaway, of course). I’ve not read much political fiction from Africa, so intrigued too as to tips on good ‘read with’ novels. Wonder if the topicality will be good for sales?


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