Plans for My Reading in 2014

Difficult Choice by Jong-Hae Jeong
Difficult Choice by Jong-Hae Jeong

It turns out that I don’t do too well whenever I play loose with my reading.  I like lists — lots of them — and I like reading intentionally.  So I’m going back to projects, challenges and lists for 2014 — not too many but enough to keep me focused and happy!

Reading Target – I will read 60 books.  A book per week , a number of plays and some collections of poetry should get me there by year’s end.

African Literature and the 2014 Africa Reading Challenge – At least a third of my reading will be in African literature.  There’s quite a number of contemporary African books that I have to read plus some classics to revisit. As host of the Africa Reading Challenge, I have do more than the five books required!

Poetry and Short Stories –  I want to review poetry collections and anthologies which translates to a more focused reading of poetry this year.  Participating in the Dive into Poetry Challenge 2014 will help me accomplish this.  Another repeat of 100 Shots of Short, a project of read 100 short stories in a year, is also planned for 2014.

Regional or Country Focus – I miss reading translated fiction.  I also want to more books from other key regions and countries.  Specifically, Hungarian, South African, Contemporary South Asian, Australian and Caribbean literature are all on my radar.  While I’m not planning a reading project on any of these this year, I do want to read a bit of all and prepare myself for a reading project or two in for 2015.

Wole Soyinka Event – The great writer turns 80 in July 2014.  I have a reading project planned to celebrate his work.  Details coming soon.

Reading Challenges – Just a few for this year:  Africa Reading Challenge, Dive Into Poetry, What’s in a Name? 2014, and 100 Shots of Short.

That’s the plan for 2014.  I hope I don’t alter it much as the year progresses since my reading fancies are many.

A good year of reading for all of us!



  1. This is great. You actually have a set goal amount and set topics! That’s more than most. Do you have suggestions for “finding the time” to read?

    It’s also important, I have found, to build ONE solid “Master To Read” list. I call it my “Dream List” because it captures all the books I dream of reading someday, maybe — whether from my bookshelf, a recommendation, my Kindle, online, library, GoodReads, etc. etc.!

    Then I track my reading pace. That helps me set a realistic goal for the coming year. So far I’ve been doing “Intentional Reading Projects” for more than 5 years and it has revolutionized my reading.

    I read more books (and better books!) than ever before.


  2. I like making lists, but I’m no good with sticking to them. I like looking at other people’s plans though, so I am happy you are the kind of reader who likes to plan ahead! It looks like you are going to have a great reading year 🙂


  3. I’m the opposite of you in that I tend to do better without the challenges. But I also want to read more books from other countries. I feel like I need to do this actually. I hope you make it through your 60 books! Do you plan to post reviews on them all?


    • I find that I never plug the gaps I want to when I don’t plan and so the list of must-and want-to-read never reduces. I will post reviews of what I read.


  4. Like you, I do better with lists. I will be joining in your challenge and would also like to think that July will hold the opportunity to join in that event as well. Good luck with your goals (and list-making)!


  5. How organized of you! I will do the Africa Reading Challenge, and some very loose challenges on Goodreads, but otherwise, it tends to be what I feel “inspired” to read.


    • I don;t know about ‘organized’. More like I’m trying to bring some sanity to the out-of-control. Looking forward to what you read in 2014


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