Jalada Africa’s ‘Sketch of a Bald Woman in the Semi-Nude and Other Stories’

From Jalada’s About page:

“Jalada Africa” is pan-African writers’ collective.

Our aim is to publish literature by African authors regularly by making it as easy as possible for any member to publish anything or execute any literary project as quickly and effectively as possible.

Jalada is non-hierarchical which is to say horizontal. Anyone aiming to pursue any project has only to convince as many members as are necessary to carry out the project. As such, Jalada emphasises cooperation and sustained collective effort.

Jalada is committed to gender parity.

This is exciting.  We need more of such platforms for African writing.

jalada-00_2-01Jalada Africa published, ‘Jalada 00: Sketech of a Bald Woman in Semi-Nude and Other Stories’, its first anthology in January.  I follow some of the contributors on Twitter and I like them a lot. Among the contributing writers are some fantastic emerging talent and new published writers.

Twitter convos around the anthology are all positive.  I’ll review the anthology in the coming month(s).  I urge y’all to read the anthology.

The anthology is here: ‘Jalada 00: Sketech of a Bald Woman in Semi-Nude and Other Stories’

The individual stories are:

“Overpopulation Dynamics” by Tuelo Gabonewe

“Death at the End of Bougainvillea” by Jacque Ndinda

“Please Don’t Kill the Baby” by Orem Ochiel

“Just Because You Didn’t Win” by Nyana Kakoma

“The God with Twelve Hands” by Alexander Ikawah

“The Ease with which One Dies” by Anne Moraa

“The Gentle Man from Iten” by Kiprop Kimutai

“Big Pieces Little Pieces” by Novuyo Rose Tshuma

“Visiting Angel Gabriel” by Moses Kilolo

“Sketch of a bald woman in the semi-nude” by Clifton Gachagua

“Hagia Sophia” by Wambui Wairua

“Rabies” by Idza Luhumyo


You can follow Jalada Africa on Twitter @JaladaAfrica


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