Jalada’s ‘Afrofuture(s)’ and The Jalada Prize

I’m about to do a thing.

Short Story Monday1. Jalada’s ‘Afrofuture(s)‘ was posted on January 15, 2015 and I haven’t read a single story from the issue.

2. The collective announced The Jalada Prize on February 6th, 2015. Stories published in Jalada are eligible for the Prize and for this year’s Inaugural Prize, only stories published in the “Afrofutures’ edition will be considered.  (Read more about the Prize here).

3. The longlist of seven stories will be anounced  “towards the end of February”.

4. You add 1, 2 and 3 together and you get a Kinna Reads Shadow Jalada Prize Jury of One.

5. I’ve counted 21 stories (see the links to the stories below) that need to be read.

6. I will post my longlist here sometime next week. ( I hope I beat the official jury to the longlist, but we all know I can be very slooooow)

7. Join in if you are interested.


From Part 1, the stories are:

Jalada afrofuture1
“Facing Forward, Looking Back” – Naddya Adhiambo Oluoch-Olunya (From Jalada.org)

And from Part 2:


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