Currently : Getting ready for Abidjan, #AfDBAM2015 and #CSOForumAbidjan

It’s 10pm in Accra, Ghana. The light is on!

ADB CSO ForumPacking:  I leave for Abidjan tomorrow. The African Development Bank is holding its 2015 Annual  Meetings. I will attend “its regular Side Event – Forum for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). According to the Bank, “the CSO Forum promotes closer cooperation and engagement among CSOs, the Bank, and regional member countries with the aim of optimising development results and sustaining development impact.

The purpose of this year’s CSO Forum is to strengthen the partnership between the Bank and CSOs across Africa by providing a platform for dialogue and information exchange around the theme Increased transparency and openness in the Bank’s policies and programs: The role of CSOs.”

There are several sessions on offer. I haven’t decided yet on which to attend.  But I’ve spotted Anna Bossman (the person I’ve always rooted for as the Ghana’s next Electoral Commissioner) under the People-Powered Accountability session so I’ll definitely attend her session.

I will live-tweet on both #CSOForumAbidjan and #AfDBAM2015 so follow the conversation if you are interested.

Wondering: Are writers invited to such grand continental events such at the ADB Annual Meetings? This year, over 4,000 people will participate in the Annual Meeting. Will I spot a writer or two? What is the Bank’s view of the role of arts and culture in the development of the continent? Does the Bank finance initiatives in Africa’s creative industries? Questions!

Love is PowerReading: I’ve finished the wonderful  Love is Power or Something Like That, a collection of short stories by A. Igoni Barrett. I’ll take The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis to Abidjan. I’m taking just that one book. I know, I know, But Lydia Davis’ book is big and contains over hundred stories so I’ll be occupied.  Maybe, I’ll break down and add one more book.

Thinking: The pile of books that I need to review grows everyday. So, I’ll have to talk about several books in one review post. I hope to have the first set up by Sunday.

Anticipating: This short trip to Abidjan. I have never been to Ghana’s neighbor-to-our-west before so here’s to a good first introduction and to a good civil society meeting!



  1. I recently finished Barrett’s upcoming release, Blackass. I had a love-hate relationship with it but it definitely made me want to read his short story collection. I’ll be keeping an eye on him…


  2. I lived in Abidjan for two years just before the civil war. I am sure you will enjoy your stay! Try one of the maquees for really good food. I look forward to your posts reviewing new novels and poetry. I have been introduced to so much excellent literature from the Diaspora as a result! Bon voyage!


  3. I hope you enjoy your trip. I am heading to Florida for vacation next week and have two books to read, one to review and one to study for a workshop on East Asian history: The World’s Largest Man by Harrison Scott Key, and A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, respectively. You are an adventurous young lady and I enjoy reading your posts.


    • A workshop on East Asian History and the book is Wild Sheep Chase? – I want to take the class. That’s a Murakami that I haven’t read yet. Love his work. Enjoy your vacation.


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