A Short Note Upon A First Reading of Kintu

Back in 2013:

Wizard is still Wizard. But I’ve learnt Keguro’s lesson so I will not repeat it here.

Instead I’m thinking of the word relevant.

adjective, meaning:  closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand.

Synonyms: pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos, germane, apt, fitting, suitable, proper.

(I majored in Chemistry at Smith. I love(d) Chemistry and also appreciated most of the other courses that I took. But the late Professor Morris-Hale’s courses – Women and Politics in Africa; Politics of Multi-Plural Societies – were the most relevant. So too was Prof. Andrea Hairston’s course on the theatre of Africa and her Diaspora.  Closely connected to the matter-in-hand which was me, Kinna.)

Kintu, relevant.

Matter-in-hand: Africa, Uganda, contemporary African living.

You wonder if you should go search for a more exotic word, a word with gravitas to describe something so profound.

(There shall be more said upon a necessary second reading of Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi’s Kintu. The first was exhilarating.  I need to experience a calmer reading of Kintu.)



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