2011 Challenges

Rules.  6/6 Read. Completed by December 31, 2011

Read 100 short stories by December 31, 2011.  100/100 read.

1. The Go-Slow by Nnedi Okorafor

2. Mr. Happy and the Hammer of God by Martin Egblewogbe  (an anthology with ten short stories)

12. We Killed Mangy-Dog and Other Mozambican Stories by Luis Honwana (an anthology with six short stories)

18.  The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

19.  Hitting Budapest by NoViolet Bulawayo (2011 Caine Prize Winner)

20. Butterfly Dreams by Beatrice Lamwaka (2011 Caine Prize Finalist)

21. What Molly Knew by Tim Keegan (2011 Caine Prize Finalist)

22. In the Spirit of McPhineas Lata by Laura Kubuitsile (2011 Caine Prize Finalist)

23. The Mistress’s Dog by David Medalie (2011 Caine Prize Finalist)

24.  Bedside Stories, NH Hoteles (an anthology with five stories)

29. The Woman Who Stole the Rain by Teolinda Gersao

30. The Ants by Augusta Faro

31. Requiem by Slavko Zupcic

32. Marcel Proust’s Last Three Days by Lucia Bettencourt

33. How Shall We Kill the Bishop by Lily Mabura

34. The Matisse Stories by AS Byatt (collection w/3 stories)

37. Waiting by Chika Unigwe

38.  This is all the Orientation that You Gonna Get by John Jodzio

39.  A Distant View of  a Minaret by  Alifa Rifaat (a collection of 15 stories)

54. Witch’s Brew by  Ruzvidzo Stanley Mupfudza  (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

55. Main by NoViolet Bulawayo (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

56. A Writer’s Lot by Zukiswa Wanner (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

57. Longing for Home by Hajira Amla  (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

58. Lose Myself by Uche Peter Umez   (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

59. Uncle Jeffrey by Murenga Joseph Chikowere   (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

60. The TImes by Danko Mkandawire   (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

61. Snakes Will Follow You by Emmanuel Siguake   (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

62. Out of Memory by Emmanuel Iduma   (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

63. Dinner at Ten by Ivor Hartmann  (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

64. Chanting Shadows by Mbonisi P. Ncube  (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

65. Snake of the Niger Delta by Chimdindu Mazi-Njoku  (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

66. Silent Night Bloody Night by Ayodele Morocco- Clarke  (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

67. Water Wahala by Isaac Neequaye    (in African Roar 2011 anthology)

82. Opening Spaces: An Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Writing  (15 stories)

92.  Words Without Borders:  December 2011 Issue (10 stories)

100. Words Without Borders:  January 2010 (8 stories)

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