Plans for April 2010

April is looking very interesting indeed.  First, I’ve signed up to participate in my first Read-A-Thon, quite a challenge given that I have a toddler, and I live in a country where I couldn’t possibly guarantee a 24-hour period of uninterrupted internet and electricity service when one needs it the most.

Now to reading.  I’m currently reading The Stone Virgins (my reading has been slow and unfocused this week), then on to Time of the Doves and Death in Spring, both by Catalan writer Merce Rodoreda.  These will be followed by (in no particular order):

God Dies by the Nile by Nawal el Sadaawi, an Egyptian writer

Sugar by Bernice McFadden

Quicksand by Nella Larsen

Two novels by Polish writers: House of Day, House of Night by Olga Tokarczuk and Madame by Antoni Libera

Buddha’s Little Finger by Victor Pelevin

The Return of Philip Latinowicz by Croatian novelist Miroslav Krleza

Three collections of short stories:  Damballah by John Edgar Wideman, Lost in the City and Other Stories by Edward P. Jones and African Love Stories edited by Ama Ata Aidoo

For me, this is an ambitious plan.  Right now, I have every hope of achieving  and enjoying it!

What do you think of my list?  What are your reading plans for April?



  1. some great books there ,be interested to see what you make of the two polish writers i ve read staisuk before and would love to try some other polish writers


    • I’ve only read Polish poets. So I’m quite excited to start reading their novelists. I will def. post my reviews when I’ve finished reading the books.


  2. I don’t plan my reading very much in advance. I can see the advantage of doing that–of being so organised, but I tend to make connections as I go along.

    For April, my goal really is to read something a bit modern. 20th C?


    • I used to not plan and I’ve found that I would off on all sorts of tangents, in fact too many tangents. The plan is really a guide. I hope to read 80% of the books.


    • Well, I will start at 1pm where I am. My toddler has lots of play dates lined up and the some other events the next day. all without me. So I only have to cope with the night. will see how it goes!


  3. I signed up for my first read-a-thon as well. I’m cruious to hear what you’re planning on reading for it? I am not at all sure if I’ll be able to last for 24 hours (having to start at 2 pm over here makes it pretty obvious that I’m going to have to take a sleeping break).

    I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed for April, but they do look interesting. I think I’ve heard positive things about “God Dies by The Nile”


    • I also have to start at 1pm, although the rule says that one can start earlier if that is more convenient. I haven’t decided what I’m going to read yet. I’m looking forward to ‘God Dies by The Nile’


  4. I haven’t read any of your April books, but they are an interesting selection and I look forward to hearing about them


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