Poem #2: Personal Letter No.2 by Sonia Sanchez

Sonia Sanchez was born in 1934 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.  She is an award-winning poet who has authored numerous books of poetry, plays and children’s stories.  I find her poems quite fiery, lively and witty.  She uses musical formats in her poems and is among a group of  contemporary American poets who write wonderful haiku.   Her poems are always a joy to read.

Personal Letter No. 2

i speak skimpily to
you about apartments i
no longer dwell in
and children who
chant their dis
obedience in choruses.
if i were young
i wd stretch you
with my wild words
while our nights
run soft with hands.
but I am what i
am. woman. alone
amid all this noise

The poem is taken from shAke loose my skin, published in 1999.  You can find out more about her and other poets at Poets.org, operated by the Academy of American Poets


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