My first interview: Winstonsdad’sblog

I really like  Winstonsdad’s blog.  The blog features a lot of translated works and has quickly become one of my favorites.  So here is my interview of Stu, the blogger responsible for Winstonsdad’s blog.

Kinna Reads: What made you decide to start a book blog?

Stu: I got my first laptop about two years ago and started using twitter. As I read a lot tweeted about books and eventually meet some bloggers and really enjoyed reading their blogs, so decide to start my own. My two biggest inspirations were Simon at insidebooks and rob at robaroundbooks both I know well via twitter.

Are you enjoying blogging?  What is your favorite part?
I do enjoy blogging a lot, passing on my passion for books. I like mainly writing feature posts, they seem to come easier to me than reviewing books sometimes. I also love the interactions with fellow bloggers and reading other blogs and posting comments.

How would you describe your reviewing style?
My review style is simple I’d say. I like to pass on what the book was about, what the book did for me, a little information about the writer which I think help place the book for people and always try and find a link to put on that is either the writer interviewed or information about the book or writer. I’ve not the skill to write wordy post so stick to what I know 🙂

I can tell from your blog that you like reading world literature, especially works in translation. What is it about these books that appeal to you?
I lived abroad for a while in my twenties. Already read a lot of translated books. Over the years it has grown. I love the experiences they can bring to me as the reader whether its the doc novel of Mati Unt, magic realism of Rushdie and Marquez or the poetic style of Sebald. It is impossible to find writers in English that can do this as well, plus I feel it is an area of writing that is so overlooked. I enjoy highlighting it

Who are some of your favorite authors?
W G Sebald, B S Johnson and Anthony Burgess are my favourite writers. Others I enjoy are Murakami, Gunter Grass, Henrich Boll, Albert Camus ,James Joyce, Bernardo  Axtaga ,Guy du Maupassant ,W S Maugham, Will Self, Franz Kafka ,Magnus Mills ,Ben Okri ,Saki ,Michael Ondaatje to name a few many others I have liked and have yet to read more from them. Every trip to library or bookshop seems to spring new names to read

Please tell us about any upcoming events or stuff that you are planning for your blog?
I have my World Cup of Writers, highlighting the 32 countries at the world cup and writers from them, also have another secret project with another blogger later in the year and still working through best European fiction 2010 which I need to finish ready for 2011. lol

How is Winston (pictured below) today?
He is asleep lol. We are not long back in from a walk.

Is there anything else that you would like to mention?
Just thank you for the interview and to say how much I enjoy your blog Kinna .

Thank you Stu for doing the interview.  My greeting to Winston!

(I’ve used some of the questions on a post over at A Striped Armchair).



  1. Wow, how wonderful of Kinna to grace you with an interview Stu. You’re a star! And thanks the mention and kind compliment, although I’m not sure it’s so deserved.

    Keep up the great work Kinna


  2. I agree with Iris, a nice list of favorite authors… of which I haven’t read many! yikes! I love Stu’s blog too, so much great content, so great choice. And great interview!


  3. I just recently found out about Stu’s blog, but I agree it’s great. It’s nice of you to feature him on your blog! Nicely done interview as well.

    Oh, and that are a lot of favourite authors! I’m impressed.


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