Kinna Reads is One Year Old Today

Really, and how amazing is that?

I started this blog for two reasons:

  • To chronicle my reading and my appreciation for all things literary and,
  • To provide a good home on the web for the works of African women writers.

I think that, with a few bumps here and there, I’m doing quite well in meeting these two goals ;). I’m not quite sure what I thought blogging would be like. I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. Blogging is very challenging but it is also quite fun. What has blown me away is the community of book bloggers who have welcomed me without hesitation.


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On March 11 2010, I posted a review of Jose Saramago’s Death with Interruptions. I remember feeling very nervous at the prospect of putting my thoughts out there for people to read. So, of the books that I had just completed reading, I chose one by a favorite novelist. It calmed me somewhat to write about a familiar author. Eva of A Striped Armchair was the first to comment on the post. Soon I met Amy Reads and Iris on Books. I was immersed well and good in the community by the April Read-a-Thon. The rest is history. This blog has become an essential part of my life.

To my fellow bloggers and to my readers, I say a big heartfelt thank you. I like to think, in my daydreams, that I’ve enriched your reading life just a little.



  1. I have to squeeze in my congrats, Kinna! Congratulations on the blog anniversary. Your passion for literature and tenacity to keep at this for a year is commendable! Keep at it, and we’ll keep reading.


  2. Happy belated birthday. I remember my first post too and it was a little intimidating but after a while you settle into a grove. I sure appreciate your reviews of African authors. It is extremely interesting.


  3. Happy blog birthday! Even when I don’t comment, I always enjoy reading your posts and reading about new-to-me authors. You’ve provided so many titles for me to add to my list, and someday hopefully read. Thank you!


  4. Congrats, Kinna. Your blog is a must read for anyone interested in women’s literature in Africa. You’ve carved out a teriffic space for women’s voices. Well done!


  5. Yes, you certainly have been opening my eyes to not just African literature but world literature. Thank you so much for joining the book blogging community! Happy blogiversary!


  6. Thanks for carving out your spot in the book blogging community. You definitely bring a new aspect to the community and I thank you for widening my knowledge about African literature.


  7. Congratulations on hitting the one year mark! I’m so glad that you found my blog and directed me back to yours because I love your reviews and you always lead me to new and fantastic works. You have definitely enriched my reading life 🙂

    Here’s to many more years!


  8. Congratulations, Kinna! Glad you are part of this blogging community. For me, you are definitely the expert on African literature. Do celebrate with a cake today!


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