Link Gems

I do not have a good, easy and accessible system for archiving interesting articles that I find on blogs and other internet sites.  So I’ve come up with Link Gems, a weekly round-up of articles and essays.



  1. Kinna, while I am a huge fan of these link round-up style posts, I thought I would let you know that I use Delicious as a filing cabinet of links – I like to save other bloggers’ reviews of books so that I can link back to them when I review the book myself. It’s not perfect but it works quite well for me. Otherwise you can also try Read It Later and Xmarks.


  2. Kinna, thank you so, so much for these links. Reading Adichie on Aidoo and Helon on Marechera was very, very interesting. I see how Adichie often talks about Aidoo’s ‘No Sweetness Here’ and I am glad to have laid my hands on an old, old copy from the Balme library. I am eager to read why it remains one of Adichie’s favorite. Please keep this link gems…!


    • I’m glad you got your hands on the book. I have to visit Balme Library one of these days. I’m eager to read your thoughts on the book.


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