‘the alternative, the underground list of favorite books of 2011’

The writer A. Igoni Barrett says:

I’m not complaining, far from it. I’m just establishing that I have read a lot of these lists, in only the past few weeks, and shared them myself on Facebook and Twitter, usually at times when I should have been working; and now, since I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of seeing the same books on list after list after list, lists drawn up by respected, respectable folks in the same circles of influence, I have reached out to a band of fresh voices (some new, some established, some you know, some you will soon) and compiled the alternative, the underground, the “oh-yes-that-one” list of favorite books of 2011.

Thank you Mr. Barrett. One, for drawing up a list of “fresh” contributors and two, for badgering them for their submissions.  It’s an open space and we should join the conversation. Here is a list after my own reading heart:

The Alternative, The Underground, The Oh-Yes-That-One List of Favorite Books of 2011



  1. I’m so glad that this list exists, and that you shared it both via twitter where I found it first, and now here where I can find it back (after the hard drive crash and the losing of all links and what not). So many books I want to try from this list!


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