Coming Up in May 2013

I know we say and feel this keenly every year but 2013 is really flying.  It’s already May, which means that Yari Yari Ntoaso is here! and my life just got even more hectic.  Here are my blogging and reading plans for this month:

  • I did not complete Another 21 Days/21 Poems , which celebrated (US) National Poetry Month, last month.  I will continue the series in May. I’ve done this before and May didn’t seem bothered by the imposition.
  • Features on a number of the writers who will be presenting at Yari Yari Ntoaso
  • Reading – I’ve just finished, and enjoyed, Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi.  I will post a review later this month.  I’ll be re-reading some of the books that I read in 2012 and didn’t have the time to review.   I think it important, for various reasons, to record my thoughts on them. I also have waiting in the wings two books by Sefi Atta, and Children of the Street, an Inspector Darko Dawson Mystery, by Kwei Quartey
  • I will start posting reviews in the last week of May.  But if it proves too much, then reviews will commence in June.

That’s it for me.  What are your reading plans for this May?



  1. Currently reading “The Sleeping Baobab Tree” by Paula Leyden. Very entertaining and educational children’s literature. I attempted to read Dinaw Mengestu’s “The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears” but for some reason I just couldn’t get drawn in. I abandoned it when Paula’s book arrived in the mail. May try again later.


  2. I’m taking May cool to catch up on editing my story in progress and then to review some books I read some time back. Also to catch upon on my classics. I read a review of Ghana Must Go on a blogger’s site (I can’t remember the name) She seemed bemused by the title and Mary (above) and I took pains to explain the rationale behind such a funny title.


  3. Hello Kinna,
    I have a couple of novels scheduled to be published in the month of May. Reading??.. Right now reading the Non-fiction “Do they hear you when you cry”? by Fauziya Kassindja……. Ama by Manu Herbstein has been hanging on my shelf.. Not sure I am going to read it in May though. And some novels by the following authors I have ordered – Buchi Emecheta, Bessie Head, Leila Aboulela, Yaba Badoe, Lila Momple and Doreen Baingana. I am not sure if I will read them all in May.


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