The 3rd Ghanaian Literature Week

Welcome to Ghanaian Literature Week!

This is a week long, from November 11th  to November 17th, 2013, celebration of Ghanaian Literature and  discussions of book/reading related issues in Ghana.  Everyone is invited.  The rules of participation are simple:  read a literary work by a writer who is from or lives in Ghana, read a book about Ghana, discuss any issue related to reading, books or the literary arts in Ghana. For more detailed information, please see my introductory post, The 3rd Annual Ghanaian Literature Week.

I will add links, below, to participants’ reviews and discussions throughout the week.

The Twitter hashtag for the week is #GhanaLit

My sincere thanks to the participants!



  1. […] Ghanaian Literature Week officially ended on Sunday, November 17th, 2013.  Participants published twenty-one posts in support of the week.  I’m enormously grateful to all participants.  My own contribution, on the other hand, was less than ideal due to the usual and oft-repeated reasons. So I’m extending it for another week. An unofficial extension, let’s say. I will post the customary wrap-up during the week. […]


  2. […] As the Ghanian literature community started last week the tributes from the departed from his countrymen were quite touching and included Afrilingual blog with their literature week special and the African thought run by Kwabena Agyare Yeboah with its own tribute. For all the reviews and pieces done of the big week please visit the semi-official page of the week. […]


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