“Wrong Number Number Two” by Ama Ata Aidoo #PoetryMonth

Some Ghanaian folks who dial the wrong number have the most infuriating manners. Here is a poet’s response. Enjoy!


There’s no “Mr. Coleman” here.

And no, no.
You mustn’t stay to chat me up.

To warn you historical ancient,
every ominous note intended,
Please stranger, do not tarry.
The path here was
Only accidental.

The voice whose music so draws you
Perchance lies in the throat of
The serpentine protrusion
A 1000 leagues long and a 1000 bushels wide,
That has within its span,
Great mansions whose interiors of
Iroko, oak, cedars and sandalwood
Goblets of gold and silver from mines
Long collapsed, and now hidden under
Wild flowers and foliage of the valley.

Please return to the humdrum
Unromantic life you knew
Before you called the wrong number.

Be safe.
—— by Ama Ata Aidoo

Credit: Ake Arts and Book Festival