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Tropical Fish 2

According to the WordPress Stats, visitors views of my post on Tropical Fish: Tales From Entebbe increased by 1,000% during this past week.  The post was the second most-viewed review behind the perennial first place, Nella Larsen’s Passing.  I cannot figure out where the visitors are coming from but I suspect that Doreen Baingana’s excellent collection of short stories is assigned reading for a college course.

In June this year, views of  Luis Bernardo Honwana’s We Killed Mangy Dog and Other Mozambican Stories accounted for 40% of visitors to the blog, a dramatic increase over previous months.  I tracked the visits to The Philippines. It’s great to see demand for African stories.

So, a blast from the past today. My June 15, 2010 review of Tropical Fish begins with:

Africa in the 1970s and 1980s. A generation of my kind lived out its childhood and came of age on a continent gone horribly wrong. The independence movements, the pan-African fervor and the promise of a golden self-determined future had given way to a neo-dependence on our former colonial masters, a return to insidious philosophies including ‘tribalism’, and a rapidly destabilizing reality.

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Have you read Tropical Fish?  If so, what did you like about the stories?  If not, can I tempt you to read the book?



  1. Need I say I’ve read it? My perennial most viewed is The Blinkards by Kibina Sekyi. You just have read the kind of search queries that bring people there. Lol. It’s as if they want someone to do their assignments for them.


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